Planting fruit trees come what may


This is what our fruit enclosure looked like a couple of weeks ago.

And this is what it looks like now.

Beardy worked incredibly hard while I was abroad on a work trip, to plant our apples, plum and crab apple. Apparently it poured with rain, sleeted, and hailed golf ball sized hailstones while he was doing this.

The ground was so boggy it turned into a quagmire. He was unable to plant some of the trees at one end of the enclosure, because when he dug a big hole, the hole filled up with water. Despite digging a channel to drain the water, he didn’t feel he could plant the tree without risking the roots rotting. You may be able to see the failed tree hole on this picture:


On the left is the empty hole. Next to it is one of the trees, protected (hopefully ) from nibbling critters that might want to eat the trunk.

We are now crossing our fingers that the trees will survive on our exposed patch of land. We’ve done our best to protect them from the elements by putting them in our most sheltered location, near a stone wall. It appears we have also secured some of them with a pair of tights and some pants (not mine):


Elsewhere on our land, some of the bulbs I planted have survived slug attacks. It’s lovely to see some colour appearing.


In fact, the weekend was sunny and almost balmy. I went to hang some washing and thought how lucky I am. This was the view (in several directions):

And here are some other sights I enjoyed:

I’m looking forward to more good weather (and more planting!).


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