One potato, two potato

img_9126-1When we moved in to our new house last August, we inherited a small potato patch. We ate the last of the small potatoes just last week.

Potatoes aren’t that expensive to buy, but they’re quite satisfying to grow. I discovered that a local organisation, West Yorkshire Organics, was running a ‘potato day’ in Saltaire, and dragged the children along to this tuber extravaganza.

img_9123-1 img_9124

Knowledgeable potato growers greeted novice and expert shoppers alike, and persuaded them of the merits of particular potato breeds. There was a stall selling pies and pasties, a selfie booth, and a cafe staffed by worthy pillars of the organic community, and serving veggie delights such as hummus with winter slaw, and lentil soup.

We had a good time, and Serious and Smiley acquired twelve little potatoes each. The varieties were chosen mainly based on names, as far as I  could see. Smiley picked ‘Nicola’, and Serious went for ‘Casablanca’. The bed in which these potatoes will be planted is by no means ready, but the potatoes are already chitting in the porch.



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